Executive Officers

Jody Weinberg, President
"I have been proud to call North Shore Congregation Israel home since we first stepped foot in the doors fifteen years ago. My husband Dean and I have raised our family at NSCI and my desire to get involved in synagogue activities grew as my children became involved in the religious school and youth group. I joined the Religious Education Board (now YFCC), and then the Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee and am now president. My children are grown but remain connected to NSCI through the young adult programs and participating in Friday evening services. Best of all, our family’s love for North Shore Congregation Israel continues to grow, as do the friendships we have made. I hope every family has the wonderful experiences and memories we have at NSCI."

Jay Fine, Treasurer

Jed Mandel, Vice President
"Although it seems strange now, my wife and I thought that joining a large congregation like NSCI would allow us to be anonymous.  Sometimes things turn out differently than planned – and for the better.  We enjoy Shabbat services, celebrating the holidays and festivals, adult education, and volunteering in any number of meaningful ways.  We appreciate the superior Jewish
education that our children received.  And we are delighted to have developed real friendships with so many NSCI congregants and with our clergy and staff.  The big congregation we thought we joined turned out to be an open, inviting and inclusive community; one which invigorates us spiritually, emotionally, socially and intellectually."

Dr. Marilyn Perlman, Vice President
"After receiving my Jewish education and confirmation at NSCI, I didn't necessarily intend to return as a congregant myself as an adult. (My parents have been members since 1966). I reconnected to the synagogue when our oldest child was ready for preschool, realizing that we wanted our children to be educated with Jewish values and traditions from the start. We found that the warmth, intimacy, and quality of the preschool was also true of the congregation. We look forward to our young children growing up in the synagogue. As a family, there are so many ways we can continue to deepen our Jewish identity and spirituality. I feel enriched and inspired by my participation in Mitzvah programs and service in leadership roles".

Eileen Sharkey Rosenfeld, Secretary

Cathy Schneider, Vice President
"Having grown up at North Shore Congregation Israel, I have always felt at home here.  With my parents, Joel and I attended every family program offered, of which there were many. I’ve felt and often said that we are blessed with the most amazing clergy; they are invested, approachable and available.  Our three sons, and daughter-in-law, have also grown up at NSCI and benefited from the close knit community and relationships that we have come to enjoy even more so as adults.  Having participated as children they developed their own relationships and sense of ownership to NSCI which influenced them to continue on their own path to Confirmation and becoming Machoniks. We look forward to a fourth generation of belonging one day!"

Nathan Tross, Vice President

Carol Wolfe, Vice president
"When we moved to the area in 2007, we were overwhelmed by the choices we had in synagogues. We ultimately chose NSCI because our teenage daughter wanted the opportunity to participate in a youth group. Her experience with TYG, Karav and machoniks were highlights of her high school years. Being new to the area, I chose to become involved right away because being a part of a Jewish community is so important to us. NSCI has become our home thanks to the warm and welcoming clergy, staff and members.”

David Novick, Vice President, YFCC

Debra Bauer, Women of NSCI Co-President

Nancy Mantynband, Women of NSCI Co-President
"Our family have been members of NSCI since the early 1960's, and I became involved when my husband Ralph and I married in 1979.  Ralph’s sons and our two children attended the Religious School and they became B’nai Mitzvah.  I had my own Bat Mitzvah in 2012, along with the Adult B’nai Mitzvah class.  I have been a member of Sisterhood and volunteering in the Judaica Gift Shop for twenty-three years. Currently, I am in the first year of a two-year position as WNSCI Co-President. I have always found NSCI to be warm and welcoming to me and my family and look forward to our promising future as a congregation."

Robert Dillon, Brotherhood President  

Bruce White, Legal Counsel