Help Support Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Our hearts go out to countless people impacted by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath, joining our prayers with countless others as the communities of Houston and Southern Texas navigate the long and difficult road of recover. 

Monetary Donations
We encourage you to direct your funds to The Jewish Federation of Greater Houston, as they have set up an emergency relief fund and will be able to provide direct support to those in need on the ground. If you prefer, The Jewish Federation of Chicago has set up a fund to provide support as well.

Gift Card Collection
We have also started a gift​ ​card​ ​collection for​ the victims​ ​of Hurricane​ ​Harvey. NSCI​ ​is​ ​joining​ ​a​ ​national​ ​effort​ ​to​ ​collect​ ​​$10​ ​gift​ ​cards​​ ​for​ ​major​ ​retailers -​ ​Target,​ ​Home​ ​Depot,​ ​Walmart,​ ​Kroger,​ ​HEB​ ​- that​ ​we​ ​will​ ​send​ ​to​ ​Reform​ ​synagogues​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Houston​ ​area. Clergy​ ​on​ ​the​ ​ground​ ​in​ ​Houston​ ​will​ ​distribute​ ​them​ ​to​ ​those​ ​in​ ​need. Please​ ​bring​ ​gift​ ​cards​ ​to​ ​the​ ​Administrative​ ​Offices. This​ ​collection​ ​will​ ​continue​ ​through​ ​September​ ​24,​ ​2017. For​ ​more​ ​information​ ​please​ ​contact​ ​Rabbi​ ​Daniels, [email protected]​​ ​​or​ ​847)-835-0724.

Undoubtedly, the need for support will continue. We will update you on our NSCI Facebook Page as we learn of real-time needs and how they can be addressed.