Your Special Needs Child

Individualized Hebrew and Jewish Studies Instruction

Lynn Friend and her cadre of professional educators and machoniks of all ages, teens and adults, are here to assist every child to be successful learning Hebrew and/or Jewish studies and become a bar/bat mitzvah. The Individualized Instruction program is run on a learning center model with each child working by him/herself or 1-2 others with a teacher or machonik.  Each student works with his own learning plan for Hebrew and/or Jewish Studies that includes bookwork, computer games, and board/card games. The class often engages in whole group discussions about topics that are sometimes theological, grammatical, prayer related, or of general interest.  

Each Hebrew student progresses through a general plan that includes learning to decode the Hebrew letters, read simple words, and finally to prayer mastery. Students are rewarded frequently for accomplishing small steps. The atmosphere is warm, caring and lots of fun. Students are often amazed with the progress they are able to make and how much fun they have.

This option is offered during all school times at NSCI.  Because some times are busier than others, we may request students attend class on a particular day so that we can provide the support they need.  

If you feel this class is appropriate for your child please contact Dr. Roberta Goodman, Education Director,  Students are only assigned to this class with the approval of the parent(s), Education Director and the teachers.