Youth Groups

Youth Group for 1st and 2nd Grade

Come find out how much fun your child can have getting to know their classmates better, our Youth Group Advisor, Andrea Dalinka, and our high school machoniks! Come join the journey of friendships, fun and Jewish life that starts now in 1st grade and reaches through 12th grade.  A couple of times a year this group can hang out with their friends after Religious School on Sundays from 10:45-noon. For more information, Andrea Dalinka, our super fantastic Youth Group advisor, can be reached at [email protected].


Youth Group for 1st – 8th Grade

Youth group is an enticing way for children to make or deepen friendships, have fun, do a mitzvah and all over have a great experience with other kids their own age! Youth Group activities vary from being at NSCI to taking a bus for an adventure. Andrea Dalinka, our super fantastic Youth Group advisor, 1st through 8th grade, can be reached at [email protected].


TYG (Temple Youth Group) – 9th – 12th Graders

The goal of TYG is to create meaningful and memorable social, spiritual, and educational experiences in a Reform Jewish context. Our members come from high schools across the North Shore to create a new group in a safe and welcoming environment. Our dynamic and exciting programming is a combination of holiday celebrations, social action projects, creative worship, educational opportunities, and social, recreational, and cultural activities.  The year is filled with great opportunities each month ranging from a few people getting together for an hour or so to the entire group going on a weekend retreat. The energy of the TYG comes from the contributions of all of its members.  There is a TYG board, elected by their peers each spring, and all members are encouraged to contribute to the creation of our activities and gain valuable leadership experience. For more information, contact Neil Rigler, TYG Advisor, at [email protected].