Our Community

We are NSCI.

We believe in the transformative power of Jewish Living.
We recognize the Divine spark in every person.
We affirm that everyone is a stakeholder and community matters.
We understand that Judaism has something to offer everyone.
We value diversity.
We are young and young at heart.
We are seekers and cynics and everyone in between.
We are born Jews and choosing Jews. We are interfaith. We are LGBTQ.
We are Am Yisrael. We are our brothers’ keepers.
We believe Jewish living calls us to do nothing less than repair our world.
We experience Judaism as a lived practice.
We travel. We eat. We celebrate. We mourn. We pray. We learn. We give.
We ask big questions and explore big ideas.
We yearn. We hope. We invite. We inspire.
We foster understanding. We change lives. We make a difference.
We nourish our deep roots. We grow. We believe in the possible.
We are NSCI.

Follow one of many inviting pathways at NSCI. Find meaning and purpose when you walk through the synagogue doors. Learn how to apply the principles of the Torah and traditions of Judaism to your everyday life and activities. NSCI's warm, welcoming atmosphere, coupled with the resources of a large and growing synagogue await you. All are invited, and all are welcome. The synagogue can be an extension of your own family. Take advantage of all NSCI has to offer, and join us in our special goal of repairing the world.

The Women of NSCI instills a sense of belonging and camaraderie among women members through a variety of social service activities, educational seminars, book discussions and spiritual programs. Brotherhood, NSCI's men's support organization, provides programming for both men and women and supports many of the synagogues tikkun olam activities.

At NSCI, we are proud of the diversity and accessibility of our programs and events. The doors are wide open for you to select the pathway that best suit your personal interests and spiritual needs. By strengthening our connections to each other and to the values of Reform Judaism, we build a stronger, happier Jewish community.