Beyond and Back

Beyond and Back (B&B) is our innovative, fun, and important program open to any Jewish 22-30 year olds that provides meaningful, no-cost Jewish experiences for its participants: where they are geographically, developmentally, and spiritually.   

Programs include monthly, weeknight dinner/discussion groups in the downtown "Loop," with discussion themes ranging from our thoughts about God, our relationship with Israel, interpretations of philosophical Jewish texts, where Judaism fits into our current life/career path, what tzedakah should mean to the newly employed, and a great deal more. We host "special" events like our "Apple Martini and Honey Cake" reception on Rosh Hashanah Afternoon, Young Adult Yom Kippur Study Session, or a "Wine and Cheese" reception before Shabbat following Thanksgiving. Additionally, B&B offers social action projects, potential "tikkunolam" travel experiences, as well as an intensive leadership program for those participants interested in bringing their own Jewish experiences/identities back to the larger Jewish community and synagogue in a leadership capacity. 

This program is generously sponsored by an incubator grant from the Union of Reform Judaism.

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