High Holy Days: Rosh Hashanah
Hosting a dinner on Rosh Hashanah? Make a few copies of this prayer card and recite blessings before the meal. Click HERE.

Sukkot and Atzeret/Simchat Torah
We gather for the first morning of Sukkot in the Perlman Sanctuary. The Simchat Torah Celebration begins with participation of children and adults of all ages. The Sefer Torah dedicated in 2002 on Simchat Torah is unrolled from end to beginning and the Torah is read. Upcoming B'nei Mitvah and synagogue leaders accept the honor of the aliyot. And our Hakafot (dances) around the sanctuary are accompanied by a Klezmer band. Morning Services for Atzeret Simchat Torah include Yizkor and take place in the Perlman Sanctuary

Each year North Shore Congregation Israel's celebrates Chanukah as a community during Shabbat Chanukah with a Shabbat Yeladim Chanukah Service, a dinner or latke feast and a Shabbat Chanukah service with Chanukah music, the telling of the Chanukah story and the kindling of the lights.

Click HERE for Chanukah songs and blessings.

Each year there is a Purim spiel… you have to see it to believe it. And each year there is an amazing Purim carnival. You have to see that to believe it, too…

Services for the first morning and last (seventh) day of Passover take place in the Perlman Sanctuary.

New Passover Symbols

Miriam's cup: This cup of water (a special cup or just a wine glass) joins Elijah's cup on our seder tables, reminding us of the importance of women's leadership and initiative, of the power of song and dance, and of the living waters that—in Miriam's honor—sustained us in our desert wanderings. Click HERE for more information.

An orange on the seder plate: Professor Susannah Heschel started the tradition of putting an orange on the seder plate to symbolize the inclusion of gay and lesbian Jews.  Now, however, the orange has come to be a feminist symbol at our seders as well as a statement that, anyone and everyone, should be included at our seders! For the full story of how an orange came to be on the seder plate, click HERE.

Click HERE for Passover songs and blessings.

Click HERE for for a song about the Four Children (sung to the tune of "Clementine".

Click HERE for a Passover skit.

Erev Shavuot Services include Confirmation and are conducted in every way by the members of the Confirmation Class. Shavuot Morning Services often provide the opportunity to call members of the Adult Bar and Bat Mitzvah program to the Torah as they conclude their two years of Study. 

Click HERE for Rabbi Greene's grandmother, Ruth's blintze recipe!

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