Prayer at North Shore Congregation Israel


KARAVCongregational prayer at North Shore Congregation Israel is meant to be peaceful, provocative, refreshing, renewing, reflective, joyful, and accessible.

We take seriously our responsibility to be a beit tefila for all and pay careful attention to liturgy, environment, mood, music, accessibility, and the needs of congregants of all ages and experience. Every service brings joy, time for reflection, and the affirmation of the community. We gather for prayer primarily on Shabbat and Festivals.

The congregation utilizes the prayer books of the Reform Movement and Siddurim compiled by the congregation.

Kabbalat Shabbat
6:15 pm: Most Fridays, Kabbalat Shabbat services begin at 6:15 pm when the congregation gathers to greet Shabbat in the lovely and intimate Perlman Sanctuary. With prayer, song, a brief d'var Torah, Kiddush, and Oneg Shabbat, we welcome the Sabbath. In the summer time, when weather permits, services take place on the Lillian and Larry Goodman Terrace overlooking Lake Michigan. At least once a month, a L'Dor Vador (intergenerational service) will include story, birthday celebrations, a musical participation by Selah, our young peoples instrumental and vocal group. There are also Shabbat Yeladim (Tot Shabbat) Services throughout the year. Occasionally services will begin at 7:00 pm or 7:30 pm when there is a special guest speaker, scholar in residence or music program. Worshippers of all ages are always welcome.

Shabbat ShalOHM
Yoga teachers and NSCI members will join clergy for Shabbat ShalOHM. Service will begin at 6:15 pm and will run concurrently with the Kabbalat Shabbat Service. Chairs will be provided for those who need or want them. This will be appropriate for adults of every age and for teenagers. Please dress in loose and comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat if you have one.

Shabbat Morning
9:15 am: Shabbat Morning Minyan with Torah Study. This informal and highly participatory Shabbat morning service in the Perlman Sanctuary provides an opportunity for members of the congregation to read Torah and Haftarah and to join with one of the rabbis in a spirited study of some aspect of the weekly Torah portion. There is special programming for children during the adult study time. This service takes place every Saturday.
10:30 am: Shabbat Morning Service in the Large Sanctuary: this more formal public Shabbat morning service affords the congregation the opportunity to call young people to the Torah as B'nei Mitzvah. This service takes place every Saturday during the school year.
5:00 pm: Shabbat Mincha Service in the Large Sanctuary: this more formal public Shabbat afternoon service (that concludes with Havdalah in the winter months) occurs about twice a month and affords another opportunity to call young people to the Torah as B'nei Mitzvah.

Holy Days and Festivals 

High Holy Days
All High Holy Day services take place within our synagogue. The schedule includes "Traditional Format Services", L'Dor Vador Intergenerational Services, tot services and child care during most services. The Congregation observes the Second Day of Rosh Hashanah with an informal service in the Perlman Sanctuary that is followed by Tashlich at the shores of Lake Michigan.
The congregation prays from The Gates of Repentance during the "Traditional Format" High Holy Day services and from original prayerbooks during the L'Dor Vador Services. The full day schedule on Yom Kippur includes not only the L'dor Vador and Traditional Format Services, but a Creative Musaf Service conducted by High School Students, and a period of Yom Kippur Reflections presented by members of the congregation. Yom Kippur concludes with the afternoon service, Yizkor and Neila.

Sukkot and Atzeret/Simchat Torah
North Shore Congregation Israel celebrates Sukkot with an Erev Sukkot Yeladim (tots) service at 5 pm, a dinner for all at the synagogue Sukkah and an Erev Sukkot Family service. We gather for the first morning of Sukkot in the Perlman Sanctuary.

The Simchat Torah Celebration begins with participation of children and adults of all ages. The Sefer Torah dedicated in 2002 on Simchat Torah is unrolled from end to beginning and the Torah is read. Upcoming bnai mitvah and synagogue leaders accept the honor of the aliyot. And our Hakafot (dances) around the sanctuary are accompanied by a Klezmer band. Morning Services for Atzeret Simchat Torah include Yizkor and take place in the Perlman Sanctuary.

Each year North Shore Congregation Israel celebrates Chanukah as a community during Shabbat Chanukah with a Shabbat Yeladim Chanukah Service, a dinner or latke feast and a Shabbat Chanukah service with Chanukah music, the telling of the Chanukah story and the kindling of the lights.

Each year there is a Purim spiel… you have to see it to believe it. And each year there is an amazing Purim carnival. You have to see that to believe it, too…

Services for the first morning and last (seventh) day of Passover take place in the Perlman Sanctuary.

Erev Shavuot Services include Confirmation and are conducted in every way by the members of the Confirmation Class. Shavuot Morning Services which often provide the opportunity to call members of the Adult Bar and Bat Mitzvah program to the Torah as they conclude their two years of Study.