Teen Youth Group (TYG)

Grades 9-12:

NSCI's TYG is an exciting and fun part of so many of our teen's lives here at NSCI.  Offering programming from social outings like trips to a corn maze for Sukkot to Tikkun Olam projects like making fleece blankets for the homeless, TYG events are always great.  The TYG also offers two weekend long retreats each year. The Jeffrey Lasky Memorial Arts Retreat in the fall enables teens to explore Judaism and Jewish identity through artistic expression, and has covered themes like: Depicting the Torah through Hip Hop Slam Poetry to Garage Band and the Akeidah. The Elaine N. Sherman Karav Retreat in the fall is a 4 day identity retreat, planned and implemented entirely by teens for teens. Our TYG Advisor, Neil Rigler, has been in his position for 19 years and is also a well-known English teacher at Deerfield High School. The TYG is led by a board of teens elected by their peers each Spring. 

The Teen Youth Group (TYG) creates meaningful and memorable social, spiritual and educational experiences for our young members in 9th to 12th grades. The group's dynamic and exciting programming includes holiday celebrations, social action projects, creative worship and educational opportunities as well as social, recreational and cultural activities. The year is filled with great opportunities ranging from small get-togethers to a weekend retreat for all group members.

The energy of the TYG comes from the contributions of all its members, who attend high schools across the North Shore. A TYG board is elected by the members each spring. All board members are encouraged to contribute to the creation of the group's activities and gain valuable leadership experience.

The 2017/2018 officers are:

Rosh Karav / TYG President - Isaac Freedman
Chair of Programming - Elliott Gold
Chair of Social Action / Karav Theme - Lev Grosshandler
Chair of Worship - Max Nguyen
Chair or Publicity / Dec-Prep - Joni Rosenberg
Chair of Digital Media / Administration - Eliana Cohn
Machonik Representative / School liaison - Zoe Hunt

NSCI Board of Trustees liaison - Lindsey Kourafas

TYG liaison to the Board of Trustees: Max Nguyen