Young Youth Group (YYG) and Junior Youth Group (JYG)

YYG – Young Youth Group (Grades 3-5)
The YYG (Young Youth Group) is for third to fifth graders. With events and activities specifically designed for the youngest members of our youth group program, the YYG is a wonderful opportunity for your children to get involved in the exciting world of youth group. We have a fabulous and fun year of events scheduled and look forward to seeing everyone there!

JYG – Junior Youth Group (Grades 6-8)
The JYG (Junior Youth Group) is for sixth to eighth graders and is designed to strengthen connections between students within our community. Each time students participate in JYG, they enhance friendships, strengthen their Jewish identity and have fun! Events include a mixture of social and social action activities and take place in and outside of the synagogue.

Our YYG and JYG Advisor
Andrea Beerman Dalinka, our wonderful Young and Junior Youth Group Advisor, has been with the NSCI family for eight years. Not only is Andrea incredibly experienced in youth education and programming, but she is also the parent of a first grader and two pre-schoolers. In addition to being our YYG and JYG advisor, Andrea is a Camp NSCI unit head for third and fourth graders. She looks forward to getting to know your family and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

"Our youth groups are so much fun!" Andrea says. "We work very hard to include and accept everyone and to encourage students to reach out and make new friends. Positive Jewish experiences are vital for children throughout their life to keep Judaism relevant and exciting. It is so important to me that your children recognize that YYG and JYG are their youth groups.

"I am always open to programming ideas. Just last year, the JYG voted to go to 'Dave and Busters.' We did and had a great time. Our motto is, 'If you can get your child to come once, we will keep them coming back!' Students who come are surprised at how much fun they have and always return!"